Race against TIME


                                                    2-10 players

$25 per player 

You are part of a CIA special operations team who has been captured by a group of rogue agents determined to send the world into anarchy. Do you have what it takes to escape and warn the president of their intentions?

                                                              Recommended for: Anyone who has ever wanted to be Jason Bourne. This mission places you in the middle of an action movie! Ages 13+ (Contact us if you are interested in having a player under 13 participate) 

Note: Dear FBI, CIA, DOD, ATF, and Avengers. Although the scenes and scenarios we have created here seem authentic (because we rock at our job!) We have no idea how to even begin to go about ending the world. Plus, I'd rather not deal with The Hulk.  

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Trial by fire






ghosts of the CAROLINA COAST

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