Meet the team!

Meet the Escape! Myrtle Beach team!!!



David: Owner, designer, and professional fake kidnapper. Travelling the world and puzzling my way from country to country I developed Escape! Myrtle Beach and continue to create puzzles and games for my escape game, along with private events around the country.


Chris: designer, prop builder, and coding extraordinaire. He just recently finished his first year of college, and is pursuing a career in the tech field. We still consult on what to do with games (he almost single handedly built the puzzles in Grannys room).



Alla: Senior Senior Vice President of Social Media Marketing. Alla is our newest addition fresh off the boat from Russia! Europe has been the mecca of escape games for several years now and she is a product of that environment.... So, that has to count for something right?!? Alla is the person making the Instagram and Facebook look sooo good =) 


Did you know Myrtle Beach has a free shuttle???

Did you know Myrtle Beach has a free shuttle???

For the last seven years Myrtle Beach has gifted the tourist a free shuttle bus that goes to all the best entertainment spots in MB! Now you can add this escape room myrtle beach to your list of stops! We are located just a short 2 minute walk from the 9th Ave and B&C parking deck stop! Check out this website to learn more about the shuttle and all the stops it can make!

Something to watch

Something to watch

Are you looking for something to do tonight? Are you too poor or friendless to go have some real fun? Have no fear!!! We have collected an excellent selection of amazing (yet informative) movies for you. Make yourself comfortable and watch TV with not only pleasure but also you may just learn something cool!

1. Story of One
How could the simple number one help people build cities and great empires? How did it manage to inspire the outstanding minds of our humanity? What was its role in the appearance of money, and how having joined an unknown "zero" it began to rule the world? Famous historian Terry Jones will go on an interesting and funny journey, where he will try to learn the unique history of the emergence and prosperity of the simplest number in our world.

2. Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Journey to the edge of the universe is interesting and fascinating movie about the structure of our universe, its mysteries and secrets, backed up with bright and beautiful graphics. Particular interest in this movie is the structure of the narrative. Starting with our solar system, you will travel through time back to the origins of our universe with you at the time of the Big Bang. Some facts are art fiction and created for the sake of greater understanding for the viewer, but they do not spoil the overall picture.

3. Incredible human machine

Our body is an amazing machine in which a well-adjusted mechanism operates in the usual rhythm or even in extraordinary conditions. In just one day, you will make an incredible journey, touching the secrets of the daily miracles of the human body and watching how ten thousand eye blinks, twenty thousand breaths and one hundred thousand heartbeats per day occur.

4. Unity
A documentary that explores humanity's transformation, presented in five chapters: "Cosmic", "Mind", "Body", "Heart" and "Soul". This is a world does not rely on opposites, but a world perceived only as a single whole.

5. Life in a Day

On July 24, 2010, thousands of people from all around the world sent videos of their life on YouTube. They became participants of the project "Life in a Day" - a historical experiment to create a documentary about one day of the life of the planet.

6. History of the World in 2 Hours
This movie will tell about the secrets of our Planet, from the beginning to our time, revealing the grandiose history of the Earth's existence, which contains an unusual connection with the life of the modern world.

7. Why do we dream?

Everyone has had a dream. Where do our dreams come from? What sense do they try to convey to us? What do people and science know about dreams? Dreams are not simple fantasies or visions. They have a huge role in our lives; they affect memories, learning ability, psyche and even health.

Why Choose Escape! Myrtle Beach???

Why Choose Escape! Myrtle Beach???


  1. Our escape rooms are FUN
    I truly love to play escape rooms, so my designs are created with the player’s enjoyment in mind. I HATE lame escape games, and unfortunately the world is full of them!  My games are extremely puzzle heavy. I really hate going to a game that spends all their time making a movie set but boring and uninventive puzzles. Here at Escape! Myrtle Beach from the story line to the theme and the uniqueness of the puzzles, it is my goal to give players something they haven’t seen before. When it comes to escape room in Myrtle beach I am the only fully owner designed game. Which creates a unique experience that sets Escape!MB apart from others.
  2. Our escape rooms are SAFE
    Many times in these games you often find unsafe conditions. Exposed wiring, screws sticking out, and locked areas with no emergency exit. Escape! Myrtle Beach has worked with the city of MB to ensure we are compliant with all city and fire safety regulations. We also NEVER LOCK ANYONE IN A ROOM! There is always an open door if for ANY reason you need to exit the game. No time penalties or anything of the sort for needing to pee or get a breath of air.
  3. Our escape rooms are WORTH EVERY PENNY
    It’s only $25 per player to play (the cheapest in MB!). In return, you get an hour of fun, challenging puzzle-solving with your friends, family, or co-workers – not to mention the countless stories and inside jokes you’ll have afterward. I am not here to only throw you in a room and see what happens. From the moment you walk into the door until the door closes after you leave—my goal is to keep you entertained and having a great time!


Why I started Escape! Myrtle Beach:

I spent several months touring around Europe and over the course of my journey I fell in love with escape games. In early October of 2014 I returned to the USA and began searching for escape games to feed my addiction. Unfortunately, the games I experienced here were sub par compared to their European counterparts. All the games I have played stateside were too commercialized, watered down, and frankly, boring! I almost immediately sat down and began designing my first room. What sets Escape! Myrtle Beach apart is our homegrown games. Everything you will experience here is unique. Designed meticulously from the ground up by me! It is not about large budgets and huge buildings. It is about immersing you into a world of inexplicable experiences that will leave you excited, satisfied, and hopefully, addicted!

Tips for escaping

Tips for escaping

Escape! Myrtle Beach is sure to be an exhilarating experience that brings the board games and video games you have played in the past come to life! During an escape room experience players are immersed into the story and placed into a themed room.

Escape games have become extremely popular in the USA over the past two years. With soaring popularity, it’s somehow still a new concept to many people. So take a look at these tips to guide your team to accomplishing the mission!

Come up with a game plan

After the door closes and the clock starts ticking most players franticly tear the room apart to look for their first clue. Running around like chickens with their heads cut off can make things very confusing. This can cost you valuable time!  

Communication is key here. The best course of action is to constantly talk to each other. As your team start finding things and defining goals, everyone should take a moment and ensure everyone is on the same page. Back tracking and wasting time revisiting something already completed will cost your team that precious time!

Don’t overthink

Keep in mind as you’re playing this game – I AM STUPID! More often than not, the simplest solution will be the answer. I can guarantee you will overthink before you underthink. Many escape games feature tricky puzzles and wild logical leaps. I find that extremely unfair and not very fun for you! The puzzles I have designed here involve critical thinking and problem solving. They are hard, but most importantly… THEY MAKE SENSE! So, don’t go making them harder than they need to be. Think inside the box first =)

Ask for help!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! No one is going to be upset you needed a clue! Here at Escape! Myrtle Beach my games are puzzle driven. So, there is A LOT to do! If you have tried everything you can imagine with no luck, there is no shame in a little nudge!

Pay attention to details

Walking into an escape room can be a little overwhelming at first. You are entering an immersive world full of stuff to play with! It’s easy to overlook certain elements. When investigating a new area always take a moment and scan all the small things. Find things that are weird and different. Then once you start making connections everything starts getting fun!

Keep organized

The single greatest killer of any otherwise great team is being unorganized! During the game you will be finding and using many objects. In my games things will only be used once. So, having a discard would be advisable. Also, separate out items that are related. This will keep the whole team on point with what goes with what.

Phone a friend if you are stuck!

If you find yourself staring blankly at a puzzle for 15 minutes and the all you can think about is a baby goat. It’s time to get the team involved! A fresh set of eyes is probably all you need to rethink the puzzle and get back on track.

Don’t forget the time!

When you are fighting through the puzzles you can easily lose track of time. Every team should have an official time keeper! This person should announce the time at several intervals of the game. (I recommend the 45, 30, 15, and 5 minute mark).  

Think of alternative ways to use something

In any escape room things are not always exactly as they seem. The normal use of an object may or may not be the intended use for the puzzle. If all else fails start thinking of clever ways it can be used for the game.

Have fun!

What is the third rule of fight club?? Have fun and try your best! The most important thing for your team is to have a great time! Puzzle solving can be rewarding, exciting, but also, frustrating. Don’t let a devilishly clever puzzle test your patience. When its all said and done escape games are meant to challenge you and force your brain to work overtime! Even if you fail your mission, you can have a great time with your friends and family right here in Myrtle Beach!

Tips for dealing with the hot summer weather

Tips for dealing with the hot summer weather

Finally, the hot weather has arrived in Myrtle Beach! We want everyone to keep these simple yet effective rules in mind on how to behave when it's too hot outside.

1. Wear loose clothing with neutral colors. Be sure to wear hats, preferably hats with a wide brim, always wear sunglasses and don't forget to apply sun screen!

2. Try to spend the hottest time of the day (from 10:00am to 5:00pm) in a climate-controlled environment.

3. Drink lots of fluids! It is best to drink water, always carry a bottle of water with you! Avoid alcohol and soda!!!

4. Eat smaller portions, but eat more often, avoid foods rich in protein! No big meals!

Come spend the hottest hours of the day playing an escape game! Here at Escape! Myrtle Beach we offer an air-conditioned room, along with plenty of water and snacks to keep you happy, full, and hydrated. Use the Promo Code: HOTHOTHOT for 5% off your booking between 11am and 5pm! =)