Finally, the hot weather has arrived in Myrtle Beach! We want everyone to keep these simple yet effective rules in mind on how to behave when it's too hot outside.

1. Wear loose clothing with neutral colors. Be sure to wear hats, preferably hats with a wide brim, always wear sunglasses and don't forget to apply sun screen!

2. Try to spend the hottest time of the day (from 10:00am to 5:00pm) in a climate-controlled environment.

3. Drink lots of fluids! It is best to drink water, always carry a bottle of water with you! Avoid alcohol and soda!!!

4. Eat smaller portions, but eat more often, avoid foods rich in protein! No big meals!

Come spend the hottest hours of the day playing an escape game! Here at Escape! Myrtle Beach we offer an air-conditioned room, along with plenty of water and snacks to keep you happy, full, and hydrated. Use the Promo Code: HOTHOTHOT for 5% off your booking between 11am and 5pm! =)