Are you looking for something to do tonight? Are you too poor or friendless to go have some real fun? Have no fear!!! We have collected an excellent selection of amazing (yet informative) movies for you. Make yourself comfortable and watch TV with not only pleasure but also you may just learn something cool!

1. Story of One
How could the simple number one help people build cities and great empires? How did it manage to inspire the outstanding minds of our humanity? What was its role in the appearance of money, and how having joined an unknown "zero" it began to rule the world? Famous historian Terry Jones will go on an interesting and funny journey, where he will try to learn the unique history of the emergence and prosperity of the simplest number in our world.

2. Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Journey to the edge of the universe is interesting and fascinating movie about the structure of our universe, its mysteries and secrets, backed up with bright and beautiful graphics. Particular interest in this movie is the structure of the narrative. Starting with our solar system, you will travel through time back to the origins of our universe with you at the time of the Big Bang. Some facts are art fiction and created for the sake of greater understanding for the viewer, but they do not spoil the overall picture.

3. Incredible human machine

Our body is an amazing machine in which a well-adjusted mechanism operates in the usual rhythm or even in extraordinary conditions. In just one day, you will make an incredible journey, touching the secrets of the daily miracles of the human body and watching how ten thousand eye blinks, twenty thousand breaths and one hundred thousand heartbeats per day occur.

4. Unity
A documentary that explores humanity's transformation, presented in five chapters: "Cosmic", "Mind", "Body", "Heart" and "Soul". This is a world does not rely on opposites, but a world perceived only as a single whole.

5. Life in a Day

On July 24, 2010, thousands of people from all around the world sent videos of their life on YouTube. They became participants of the project "Life in a Day" - a historical experiment to create a documentary about one day of the life of the planet.

6. History of the World in 2 Hours
This movie will tell about the secrets of our Planet, from the beginning to our time, revealing the grandiose history of the Earth's existence, which contains an unusual connection with the life of the modern world.

7. Why do we dream?

Everyone has had a dream. Where do our dreams come from? What sense do they try to convey to us? What do people and science know about dreams? Dreams are not simple fantasies or visions. They have a huge role in our lives; they affect memories, learning ability, psyche and even health.