Who are we perfect for?

Gamers & Enthusiasts

If you’re a gamer or puzzle enthusiast and think you’ve got the deductive reasoning skills to solve mysteries in the real world, then this is for you! The game provides sophisticated, high-level games that will challenge even the most hardcore gamers. Crack codes, solve ciphers and decode clues  in under 60 minutes to escape. Do you have what it takes?


ESCAPE! Myrtle Beach is a must stop destination while you’re in Myrtle Beach. Conveniently located in the heart of Myrtle Beach. We bring virtual code-breaking and adventure into the real world. Whether its for a rainy afternoon, or to begin (or end!) an exciting night on the town. We promise to the be highlight of your trip! If you're still wondering what is the best way to spend an hour in Myrtle Beach?  It’s here!

Friends & Families

Whether you’re looking for a new adventure with your family, or you’re just tired of doing the same old same old, ESCAPE! Myrtle Beach will rip you from your comfort zone! Each of our rooms will transport you and your family or friends into an adventure you will never forget. Your skills, intelligence, teamwork, and sometimes marriage will be put to the test!

Companies & Events

Having solid communication between coworkers is essential for a successful business. ESCAPE! Myrtle Beach has perfected the art of team building with our corporate team building focused package. You will spend an hour solving clues, working on puzzles, and communicating in a way you just can’t at the office! After words we will debrief the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Then give you some insight on how to improve in the future! You will have a blast, and more importantly leave with a new level of understanding of one another! Contact us today about team building!