Race against TIME


                                                    2-10 players

$25 per player

Coming May 2019 

Agent Scott, has been deep undercover on a top secret mission for over a year. His handler has not heard from him in a week. He has fallen off the grid completely. The entire mission could be compromised if he is not found.

You are part of an elite CIA special operations team that has been sent to Myrtle Beach to investigate his mysterious disappearance. As your team arrives at the agents last known location, you find the only clue left behind, a bag. Your and your team must put the subtle clues together that Agent Scott has left behind to help you. The fate of the mission lies in your hands. Can you unravel the mystery to save Agent Scott or will he meet an untimely end??

                                                              Recommended for: Anyone who has ever wanted to be a hero or super spy. This mission is designed to make you the star of an epic spy thriller! Action packed, adrenaline inducing, thrilling race against time. This is a mobile game that requires you to navigate the downtown area to rescue Agent Scott before it’s too late!

Ages 13+ (Contact us if you are interested in having a player under 13 participate) 

Note: Dear FBI, CIA, DOD, ATF, and Avengers. Although the scenes and scenarios we have created here seem authentic (because we rock at our job!) No person, animal, or superhero has been harmed. We have no idea how to even begin to kidnap and subsequently murder anyone. Plus, I'd rather not deal with The Hulk.  

the SMash lab



4-25 Players

$25 per player

The Smash Lab is a place where you can kick back, relax, and DESTROY everything!!! If you're angry and looking for some stress relief, or you love the sound of breaking glass. In the Smash Lab you can release your inner maniac without the consequences.

Recommended for: Those with annoying bosses, spouses, neighbors, etc. ;) Anyone who needs to release stress but can't afford therapy. Or anyone looking for a good time!

Ages 14+ only!  

Note: Not an escape game, this is a personal arena of destruction!

Puzzle Race



granny cool.jpeg

2-75 players

$25 per player

Working outside the box, who needs walls to have a great time. Not us!! A combination game that is part scavenger hunt, part escape game, and a full on frantic race for glory and bragging rights! Who doesn’t like to finish in first place? Race against time or race against another team. To get started you and your team are given a mystery bag and a starting puzzle. From there the adventure is yours to be had. Mind boggling puzzles, hysterical tasks, and strategy makes it a fun time to be had by all. It’s up to you to complete the game an amass as many points humanly possible in the time allotted (90 FUDGING MINUTES!)

Recommended for: Anyone who is an explorer at heart. You don’t have to be Dora to enjoy this adventure! This game takes you outside to enjoy the world around you and maybe meet a few new people in the process. Have a blast creating memories with your group that you won’t be able to get anywhere else on the beach! No theme, no plot, just a 90 minute race to flex your mental (and testicular) fortitude.

Note: This is not your traditional escape game. This game takes place OUTSIDE and involves a fair amount of WALKING. Please keep this in mind when booking. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to hydrate throughout the game.